March Poems

Continuing with our monthly series, Josh and I have decided to share poems we have written to each other in letters over the past 3 months, entitled ‘Lines in Envelopes’:


Modernist monsters in the machine of night
pour beer on all our dreams
,no movement to surf on, all stragglers
in need of clarity, sober perhaps?

But probably otherwise.
The piano slips through changes
cleaning up the strain of doubt.
I don’t know a lot about music but

I can tell something’s off-beat
when we shuffle our feet
perpetually to someone else’s drum.


TV screens in hues of pink,
a plastic rose atop a radio

a whiff of hairspray
the death chambers are coming

A little too concrete for my liking,
dial it down to an unkempt sound
that looks like breakfast in the afternoon

or silver service on the streets
and the circus leaving town.


Filthy shoes and empty ferries
year of the pigs here already
will need something
stronger than a sherry

But a bottle of Perrier will not do
so I’ll sit here under a tunnel
etching my name into law and lord.


Brutal buildings losing their shine
as the modern brute bullies the remnants
of a complicated century.


Just before



            Reveal something important

The Utopia

            Screaming at me to

Speak to strangers

April Poetry Challenge/End of Submissions

Introduction by Joshua Cialis; Poems by Joshua Cialis, Holly Royle and Reece David Merrifield; Picture by Reece David Merrifield

April is Poetry Month and there is a challenge to write a poem each day of this month. Our editors will be taking this challenge and publishing some of their endeavours each Monday in April. If you enjoy our poems – or think you could do better – try the April writing challenge and fill a notebook with beautiful barbaric yawps of excited poems…

Broken Hearts (2nd April) – Joshua Cialis

She served him cake on an ornate plate
where the pattern mingled with the flowers on the windowsill –
like William Morris designed the room –

but the slice was battered
pushed delicately off the knife
from a height so the icing clouded a painted sun

but on top of that cake a polished glacé
cherry balanced daintily, finishing
the petals of a rose.

Dream World (1st April) – Holly Royle

I remained too much inside my head and ended up losing my mind – Edgar Allan Poe

You are our own worst enemy,
I am my own worst enemy,
Creating all this misery,
Creating falsehoods inside my head.

I am my own tormentor,
Confining myself to a dream world
Full of nightmares,
It will destroy me in time.

Come in! Take a seat!
Watch my despair unfold on the silver screen,
The horror film of my dreams
Is about to begin.

Wake up. There is hope yet still,
Look around you – really look.
Come back to reality, there are real monsters here,
No need to devise your own.

She looked hard into the eyes of her reflection:
“Who needs demons when I have myself?”

I (1st April) – Reece David Merrifield

Scratching plea,
a vulture’s morning meow
for the harder stuff

A reminder that we have officially ended accepting submissions for the next issue of our magazine. Our cover print is ready, we are going through what has been sent to us, and we are excited to see the final product coming very soon!