Submissions for Publication

This is just a reminder to say that we are still open for submissions to 004 of Foxtrot Uniform. Send your poems, prose and art to

  1. Please send all written submissions as a word.doc or PDF. If you are sending art send it as a jpeg.
  2. Send all pieces as an attachment along with your name and postal address (so that we can send you a copy of the magazine if we publish your work).
  3. 1-5 poems will usually be enough, or a couple of prose pieces (short stories, or essays), or 1-4 pieces of art.
  4. Any piece submitted to us should not have been previously published in any other magazine or collection; we can accept pieces that have been self-published on a blog or in print.
  5. We accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know if your piece is accepted somewhere else.
  6. We try to reply to your submission as quickly as possible but sometimes emails do get lost so if you haven’t heard from us after 4 weeks send us another email just to check.
  7. If you are published in the magazine we will send you one free copy* of the magazine and you will retain the rights to your pieces but we would appreciate acknowledgment of first publication if your piece is published in a pamphlet or collection.

So what sort of work do we publish?
The quickest answer to that is that if we like it and think it echoes what’s going on in the world it is likely to find favour with us. We like anything that is experimental, political, or explores existence. The best thing to do would be to order a copy of a previous copy of FU and have a read before submitting to us.

We look forward to seeing your creativity!

*If you live outside the UK we will ask for a donation towards postage

003 Coming Soon!

003 is now complete! Here is a list of all the accepted poems, prose, and Art. If you have been accepted please ensure we have your address so a free copy of the magazine can be sent to you. If you would like to pre-order a copy of Foxtrot Uniform: 003 please email: foxtrotuniformpoetry@gmail. Copies cost £3

Our Cover Artist for 003 is Steph Coathupe if you’d like to see more of her work it can be accessed on her website:


Livermore, Richard

‘Renegade Frog’

Ehrlich, Milton
‘The Tightrope of the Mind’
‘Tender Moments’

Royle, Holly
‘Defying The Path’

Meade, Gordon
‘Asian Elephant’
‘Sea Lion’

Khomutoff, Rus
‘Sonic threshold of the sacred’
‘A collaboration between Khomutoff & Soriano’

Scarisbrick, Luke
‘Facebook Zuckbook Face Fuckface Bookface Book’

Connolly, Paul
‘Burn it all’

Reynard-Bowness, Billy
“’owt else pales when compared t’ th’ Dales”

Potts, Laura
‘The Night That Robin Died’

Miles, Ezra
‘Not to be reproduced’
‘The Circus’

Meakin, Michael

Fahey, Paul
‘A display of Artistic Temprament’
‘Dog on a String’

Carber, Len
‘Ode To Mrs Miller’
‘Near the Orchard’

Brown, Elle
‘Elm Seeds’

Haley, David
‘Planning Prospects’

Cialis, Joshua
‘Now (A poem for Margate)

Merrifield, Reece


Cialis, Joshua
‘On Spontaneity’

Art by

Erlick, Joshua

Kuznetsova, Olesya

Jones, Stuart

Hayward, Matthew


Submissions for 002 have now closed. We are enjoying reading through your poetry and prose and looking at your art.

We are currently putting the magazine together, we have a cover artist, most of our poems have been chosen, and we’re getting excited!

If you’re as excited as us, pre-order a copy by emailing us…

Due to an increase in printing costs this issue will be on offer as a print magazine for £2 (plus non-UK postage). This price is to keep the magazine accessible to everyone.

To pre-order a copy email:

Submissions Open

Sales of our first issue have been great! So thank you to anyone who bought a copy. Copies are still up for grabs too.

However, we must now look to the next issue. Submissions for the Spring Issue of Foxtrot Uniform are now open!

We will be accepting poetry, short stories and essays, but also visual art this time. So send your pieces to

How to format work for submission

All work should be sent by email in a word document with your name and return postal address (so we can send your copy of the magazine to you). We can only accept previously unpublished works.

  • Poetry: Send up to 6 poems in a word document, with a your name and postal address.
  • Prose: Send up to 1000 words in a word document with a your name and postal address.
  • Visual Art: Send artwork in a word document or as a jpeg. We can accept photography, paintings, sketches, line drawings, or screen prints, or anything else you might’ve done.

Submissions will close on the 20th of March 2018

National Poetry Day

Image provided by

Today in England is National Poetry Day. Therefore, Foxtrot Uniform has decided to publish 3 poems on the theme of reading or writing poetry. So enjoy our short online publication and if you write anything today be sure to share it.

Spontaneous Prose On Reading – By Joshua Cialis

Reading words in water
Cascading from my mouth.
Thoughts are verse
And verse is thought
I – like poets before me – see poetry in everything, from the quick glance of strangers to the beauty of mundane nature and ugly truths falling from autumn trees. There’s something I’d like to see from the outcry of love, like Whitman’s leaves and Ginsberg’s howl. but who am I to judge?
Cause Blake’s voice, godlike, speaks in ancient chimes to carry me – the only reader – to higher climes and I, like he, see beauty in the Tyger and danger in the Lamb.
But crying lightning won’t succeed when I sit and wonder why my latest word won’t sell. So lie with me and sing a song of love ‘cause a multitude of sonnets fall from night time clouds to fall to earth like dew to keep and free you.

And a dull image
Of a dog prays to the moon
In a haiku’s line

Nothing more than I and freedom sit staring at stars who sit and stare back, relentless, not blinking, but connecting in a tangle of lines and words, a cat’s wool and a lover’s mind; nothing but a tangle of fragmented voices praying to those who came before.

Y – by Reece David Merrifield
Y is it so important that I write
Why instead of
Y, because you’ll understand, so
Why is there a distinction between
Y, a letter, now a word, and
Why, just a word, surely
Y is more simple,
Why, I would even suggest you that it saves more time to write
Y, the Spanish are onto something there,
Why can’t we adopt their simplicity,
Y must we be above it all –
I will never know.

The Rhyme – by Holly Royle
The rhyme and rhythm of my heart, best told through words and structure, behold how the page glows.
I write line by line in turn… ah mistakes hinder my yearn for works and words and woes; outpourings of my soul.
These stories trained in lyrical form, these thoughts and emotions, the prose and sonnet dominate the world with wonder. These works a flash of light and thunder, echoing
I wonder, these words can affect us so, I wonder under whose power will we grow.


Magazine Preview!

We have been busy going through the poetry and prose you have been sending in. We have chosen our publication pieces. This week’s article, therefore, is a free preview to our upcoming magazine, the debut issue of Foxtrot Uniform.

The first issue of Foxtrot Uniform will be available from October 1st 2017, so place your orders at Issues will cost £1.50, and while you’re at it, let your local library know that they can order a free copy.

Remember: if your work is accepted into the magazine you will get a free copy sent to your door, so be sure to give us your address if you’ve been accepted.

So here’s your first preview, two poems: one by Joshua Cialis and another by Reece David Merrifield:

Club Night Journey – Joshua Cialis

Do you know that club
with the cages
where half naked girls
gyrate and swirl?

Half dazed giving you the eye
It’s a far cry from sanity
It’s a far cry from love

It’s obscenity!

Cruising through the night
you’d better hold on tight
while we shout
through the dark, the

lost men in our generation
groping something incomplete

There’s a show on;
contesting the contested
in their skirts and heels.

Where are we going?
Where have we been?
I’m not sure we’ve seen anything!

Mortal Multitude – Reece David Merrifield

I lie in patchwork sipping the shade from
European light as I think back to
the multitude of hours, nations, new
friends, old artwork, flat fields, fauna and
forestry, beer and whisky, pound and
krona, all language into one language,
one language lost in all language, the year
the longest constant on this vast continent.

I am three hundred thousand litres a second
tumbling down the seasonal waterfall
I am Kopparklinten, wanting higher still
There’s always pieces of Britain scattered
around, a puzzle never finished
I lie in a patch of Europe, my hands are
blind, my eyes stretched out, searching.