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Both Foxtrot Uniform: 004 and Luke Scarisbrick’s debut pamphlet, I Bought a Skull called Francis, are now available to order from our website.

Foxtrot Uniform: 004 is a poetry magazine for our troubled times. Full of hope, darkness, and creativity FU spans several continents bringing us all together using fresh words. You can buy 004 for £3.00 (plus postage if living outside the UK).

I Bought a Skull Called Francis – an idle year in ten movements is the debut pamphlet by Luke Scarisbrick. The pamphlet charts a year in the life by mixing poetry with polaroid pictures.
The poetry is surreal and straight-up hilarious, but it is also tinged with darkness, which the polaroid pictures both exacerbate and illuminate. You can buy I Bought a Skull Called Francis for the amazing price of £2.50 (plus postage if living outside the UK).

To order a copy simply send the correct money along with your postal address to https://paypal.me/FoxtrotUniform?locale.x=en_GB then we will get your order in the post.

Please help spread the word so that we can share these amazing words even further and wider!

Get back to it…

Statistically this is the week in January that most of lose our motivation to carry on our New Year’s Resolution. So if your resolution is to get back in to writing (or to write more) this is the post for you. Here are a couple writing exercises to get you back to it…
If this post helped you to write something great send it across to us and we might even publish it.

Exercise 1: Rooming
Read William Carlos Williams’ dreamlike poem ‘Good Night’ (Al Que Quiere, 1917). In the poem Williams points out all the things in his kitchen while filling a glass of water for bed. In the middle of this description of the room, Williams is interrupted by the memory of ‘three girls in crimson satin/pass close before me on/the murmurous background of/the crowded opera’. It seems almost as if these girls actually pass his kitchen window but it is actually just a memory dream.
In this exercise, write what you see where you are – you might be at your desk or in the kitchen or in your bed – it doesn’t matter where you are just write what you see: that weird lamp shade in the corner, or the state of your coffee cup. Half way through your descriptions you will be interrupted by a memory, build that memory into the poem. Then close the poem with what you are actually doing and what’s coming next.

Exercise 2: Voices
This exercise can make some pretty surreal poetry. Play your favourite song alongside a radio news program (at the same volume), just keep writing until the song finishes. Let your unconscious freely write whatever comes to mind.

Coming Up…

Well its September again, the days are slowly getting shorter, and the morning mists are getting more impressive. September is looking like a busy month in the Foxtrot Uniform calendar. Here’s a look at the exciting dates coming up:

Firstly: On the 15th September submissions for 003 will close. So keep sending us your poetry, prose and art until then. A list of accepted pieces will be posted within the week after this closure.

17th September: Our Editor, Joshua Cialis, will be taking part in Margate festival’s Micro-Residencies programme. He will be observing the goings-on of the town from the BottleShop on Margate Highstreet between 12 and 5pm. Pop along and say hello, you might even be included in a poem.

22nd September: Poetry on the Sand Open Mic Night, as part of The Margate Festival, Joshua will be hosting a poetry open mic night on Margate Beach (Nayland Rock Shelter if the weather is wet). Come along at 5pm and share your poetry, or simply listen to some poetic genius in the space that inspired poets and artists such as T. S. Eliot and J. M. W. Turner.

Mid-October: Issue 003 will be on your shelves. We’re looking forward to being able to share some of the great poetry, prose and art that has been sent into us over the last few months. Pre-Order your copy by emailing: foxtrotuniformpoetry@gmail.com


If you have any events that you would like to share with us send them to foxtrotuniformpoetry@gmail.com. Similarly get in touch if you have got a new book out; we are looking to do a few reviews of new poetry books.