003 Coming Soon!

003 is now complete! Here is a list of all the accepted poems, prose, and Art. If you have been accepted please ensure we have your address so a free copy of the magazine can be sent to you. If you would like to pre-order a copy of Foxtrot Uniform: 003 please email: foxtrotuniformpoetry@gmail. Copies cost £3

Our Cover Artist for 003 is Steph Coathupe if you’d like to see more of her work it can be accessed on her website: www.stephcoathupe.com


Livermore, Richard

‘Renegade Frog’

Ehrlich, Milton
‘The Tightrope of the Mind’
‘Tender Moments’

Royle, Holly
‘Defying The Path’

Meade, Gordon
‘Asian Elephant’
‘Sea Lion’

Khomutoff, Rus
‘Sonic threshold of the sacred’
‘A collaboration between Khomutoff & Soriano’

Scarisbrick, Luke
‘Facebook Zuckbook Face Fuckface Bookface Book’

Connolly, Paul
‘Burn it all’

Reynard-Bowness, Billy
“’owt else pales when compared t’ th’ Dales”

Potts, Laura
‘The Night That Robin Died’

Miles, Ezra
‘Not to be reproduced’
‘The Circus’

Meakin, Michael

Fahey, Paul
‘A display of Artistic Temprament’
‘Dog on a String’

Carber, Len
‘Ode To Mrs Miller’
‘Near the Orchard’

Brown, Elle
‘Elm Seeds’

Haley, David
‘Planning Prospects’

Cialis, Joshua
‘Now (A poem for Margate)

Merrifield, Reece


Cialis, Joshua
‘On Spontaneity’

Art by

Erlick, Joshua

Kuznetsova, Olesya

Jones, Stuart

Hayward, Matthew

Meet the Founders… (2)

Hi, I am Holly Royle, my role within Foxtrot Uniform is Selections and Corrections. This involves editing, particularly regarding grammar and punctuation, along with partaking in choosing pieces to be published in the magazine.

I have loved literature from an early age, but only in more recent years have I started writing my own poetry and prose. I find that inspiration occurs randomly throughout the day, therefore I frequently make notes of any passing ideas I may have for a poem or short story.

I am greatly influenced by Gothic and Victorian literature, predominantly the works of the Brontë sisters. The differing portrayals of life and the darkness within humans by the sisters in each of their works is extraordinary. Charlotte’s Villette, Emily’s Wuthering Heights and Anne’s Agnes Grey, are my favourites out of all their works. Dark and disturbing themes of death, uncanniness and madness are areas that I find particularly fascinating, and are well explored in the Gothic and Victorian genre. Ideas that challenge concepts of normality greatly appeal to me and I am looking forward to reading submissions which provide an insight into how others view the world.

Best wishes,