Submissions for 002 have now closed. We are enjoying reading through your poetry and prose and looking at your art.

We are currently putting the magazine together, we have a cover artist, most of our poems have been chosen, and we’re getting excited!

If you’re as excited as us, pre-order a copy by emailing us…

Due to an increase in printing costs this issue will be on offer as a print magazine for £2 (plus non-UK postage). This price is to keep the magazine accessible to everyone.

To pre-order a copy email: foxtrotuniformpoetry@gmail.com

Call for Submissions

This is a reminder that we are open for submissions of poetry, prose and art. So send us your experimental, form bending, or traditional works. The whole point of Foxtrot Uniform is that its a free place for creatives to share their work without the hindrance of the omnipotent publisher.

So send your work to foxtrotuniformpoetry@gmail.com

Submissions Open

Sales of our first issue have been great! So thank you to anyone who bought a copy. Copies are still up for grabs too.

However, we must now look to the next issue. Submissions for the Spring Issue of Foxtrot Uniform are now open!

We will be accepting poetry, short stories and essays, but also visual art this time. So send your pieces to foxtrotuniformpoetry@gmail.com

How to format work for submission

All work should be sent by email in a word document with your name and return postal address (so we can send your copy of the magazine to you). We can only accept previously unpublished works.

  • Poetry: Send up to 6 poems in a word document, with a your name and postal address.
  • Prose: Send up to 1000 words in a word document with a your name and postal address.
  • Visual Art: Send artwork in a word document or as a jpeg. We can accept photography, paintings, sketches, line drawings, or screen prints, or anything else you might’ve done.

Submissions will close on the 20th of March 2018

🐺🎩🇸🇪 – Emojis and Language: Laziness or Efficiency?

Words and Picture by Reece David Merrifield

We all know the cliché ‘a picture can paint 1000 words’ or its equivalent translation, and in many cases I can agree that it has some worth. Yet nowadays we seem to be bombarded with images, especially through communicative means, that have in some ways replaced a need for its worded equivalent, and this is especially prevalent in ‘emojis’.

I guess, in some respect, I can be seen as ‘old school’ when it comes to SMS. I stick with my tried and tested ‘:’)’ and the classics such as ‘:)’, ‘:(‘ and ‘<3’, only stretching so far as to put ‘;-P’ which I consider to be quite complex for myself, and many people would be quite surprised by that. I have lagged behind the constant evolution of the emoji, and most of the time if I receive one, a ‘?’ will appear, so I have no clue what that person is feeling, and usually guess most of the time.

In some aspects I appreciate their simplicity, and in these busy times who needs to explain themselves in 1000 words when a few little images will do? But what is amusing is that, as a language, it is still in its infancy, and many problems have occurred as a result of this: the ‘demand’ for a ginger emoji; racial misappropriation when using ‘black’ emojis; the latest one I’ve seen being a ‘breastfeeding’ emoji. One can only assume that it is there to break down patriarchal attitudes related to public breastfeeding and its relevance in an ever increasing tolerant 21st century society.

I guess that you could put it down to my cynical attitudes towards the technological era and my love of sarcasm that I will never be able to get on board with the language of the emoji. It’s true, but I think my romantic idealism of a world where everyone would be able to explain themselves in the most eloquent of fashions, through art or written word, is also a factor in this. And, I admit, I can be a hypocrite: I’m monolingual (subject to change hopefully) and cannot draw even the most basic of stick-men. Yet my appreciation for these forms is something I hold true to, and will continue to do as I become (I expect) more bitter about technological advancement and its impact on language.

Have a nice weekend: 🙂

Hot Off the Press!

Today is the day: Foxtrot Uniform becomes a physical entity! We have picked up our magazine from the printers. The paper is still warm and the ink is still drying.

You can order your hard copy online by emailing us (foxtrotuniformpoetry@gmail.com) or if you know one of the founders contact them and they will give you a copy; printed copies cost £1.50. Or as an introductory offer we will send you a digital copy for free. Again just email us.

Yours creatively,

Joshua and the rest of the Foxtrot Uniform team.

Magazine Preview!

We have been busy going through the poetry and prose you have been sending in. We have chosen our publication pieces. This week’s article, therefore, is a free preview to our upcoming magazine, the debut issue of Foxtrot Uniform.

The first issue of Foxtrot Uniform will be available from October 1st 2017, so place your orders at foxtrotuniformpoetry@gmail.com. Issues will cost £1.50, and while you’re at it, let your local library know that they can order a free copy.

Remember: if your work is accepted into the magazine you will get a free copy sent to your door, so be sure to give us your address if you’ve been accepted.

So here’s your first preview, two poems: one by Joshua Cialis and another by Reece David Merrifield:

Club Night Journey – Joshua Cialis

Do you know that club
with the cages
where half naked girls
gyrate and swirl?

Half dazed giving you the eye
It’s a far cry from sanity
It’s a far cry from love

It’s obscenity!

Cruising through the night
you’d better hold on tight
while we shout
through the dark, the

lost men in our generation
groping something incomplete

There’s a show on;
contesting the contested
in their skirts and heels.

Where are we going?
Where have we been?
I’m not sure we’ve seen anything!

Mortal Multitude – Reece David Merrifield

I lie in patchwork sipping the shade from
European light as I think back to
the multitude of hours, nations, new
friends, old artwork, flat fields, fauna and
forestry, beer and whisky, pound and
krona, all language into one language,
one language lost in all language, the year
the longest constant on this vast continent.

I am three hundred thousand litres a second
tumbling down the seasonal waterfall
I am Kopparklinten, wanting higher still
There’s always pieces of Britain scattered
around, a puzzle never finished
I lie in a patch of Europe, my hands are
blind, my eyes stretched out, searching.

Ears in Cafés pt. III

Words and photo by Reece David Merrifield

After an extremely long journey, FU’s Reece has written two poems about Cafés in Copenhagen…


of knowing where I am.

has seemed like forever.

and the happiest of hours.

of foreign fantasy, of familiar luxury.

Second Brew

A short walk from Nørrested
the serene cyclists
on the wrong side of my road
alongside urban gardens
with rope swings
with long hair
with Kierkegaard’s cemetery
round the corner on my short walk from Nørrested
on the corner of Jægersbroggade I sit
with a cold brew
as the cold brews
and a German nods his head and smiles
it’s all come together
at the coffee collective.

What do we like to see?

Well anything really!

Submissions for the Autumn/Debut issue of Foxtrot Uniform are open, and the deadline is set for the 8th of August 2017. I have been asked by quite a few readers, what it is we will be accepting. The answer is, something we haven’t seen before, something new and exciting, a subversion of a traditional form, a totally new way of writing. Whether you keep to a strict rhyme scheme or totally go with the flow of writing. If you’re writing prose we like new ideas, new ways of saying something, satires or essays.

As was stated on the ‘How To Submit’ page, we accept any form of poetry or prose – prose pieces being 500 words or less. We would love to read any pieces that you’ve written whether it’s a short story, long poem, or a tiny haiku. We are generally interested in the madness of originality. So see if your words can burn like roman candles on the page and enlighten us as readers.

Some ideas of what to send in might include:

Essays on ideas (500 words or less), Poems of any form: from haiku (no more than 6 haiku a single submission),  to sonnet, or free verse and formless poetry, short stories, and satires. We will read anything sent in to us at Foxtrot Uniform.

So send your pieces to foxtrotuniformpoetry@gmail.com to get them published…


Hello reader,

You are almost as new to this as we are. We have set up this magazine in order to free the modern author. Foxtrot Uniform is not constrained by form or literary prowess: it is for writers and readers, thinkers and listeners, lovers and fighters. Foxtrot Uniform hopes to give a platform to published and unpublished writers alike; allowing anyone to get their foot on the road to a wider readership. We will be accepting a mixture of poetry and prose for publication in the magazine. So, as long as your piece is written down and is original we will look at it and potentially (probably) publish it.

We set up Foxtrot Uniform in our second year of university to free the multitude of young writers fighting to be heard – or more likely read. We had found that if publishers don’t like you, your style, or theme then they just won’t accept your poetry. So in the spirit of the Beat Generation and the fanzines of the punk era, Foxtrot Uniform will be accepting new and exciting forms of writing along with explorative ways of using existing forms. Nothing’s off limits, the page is utterly yours!

We have set Foxtrot Uniform up in such a way that there is not just one Editor, the founders are equal in judgement. Each with their special roles. This wider scope in editorship means that personal preference will not get in the way of publishing; each piece will have to go through at least 3 of the founders before it is discarded or accepted. This means that you are more likely to get accepted and published.

We look forward to receiving your work…

Yours creatively,

Joshua (Editor/Founder)