Merry Christmas!

Words by Reece Merrifield & Joshua Cialis; Photograph by Igor Starostin

To everybody out there,

We would like to wish you all the Merriest of Christmases! This year has been huge for us both and we hope to carry the festive cheer all the way into 2019.

As we haven’t posted for a while, we thought it would be apt to write a poem each on the theme of Christmas, and share it with you all.

Keep on writing, keep on submitting, and once again, Merry Christmas!

Christmas Lights – Joshua Cialis

Nothing says Merry Christmas
like greasy streets and lights reflected in puddles. 
Strangers stealing kisses in pub doorways. 
Through a cigarette haze 
the shadow of a church appears 
doors closed to keep the warmth and music in.

Only a glow of light resonates under the wood.

Girls in sequinned skirts flirt
on the edge of sobriety 
as the freezing canal slides on past, 
reflecting twinkled light up into the grey clouded sky 

offering a star to follow 
where no original star is found.

But the tree in the highstreet 
bends in a breeze 
as the shops close their shutters 
and sleeping bag camps are strewn

But the lights still read 
Merry Christmas All!

Beggars’ Belief – Reece Merrifield

My son and I walked through town to buy my wife’s Christmas presents. I told him earlier that Santa only gives gifts to children. As we walked in and out of the shops, my son suddenly tugged my hand and pointed to a man, begging, in Santa Claus’ hat. My son asked why Santa was asking people for help. I told him Santa needed help gathering gifts, so he could share them out when Christmas came. He then asked why Santa was only wearing his hat, and why he looked so cold. I couldn’t answer. He suggested we should help Santa by getting all the presents he put on his list and give them to Santa, so that he would definitely get them come Christmas day. I told him Santa probably has all those presents, and that he should wait until Christmas to see what he would get. My son cried at these words. We then spent the rest of the day getting everything on the list, before heading back to Santa to give him all of my son’s gifts. Santa couldn’t believe his luck. My son said to Santa he couldn’t wait to catch him on Christmas Day, and that he would be waiting for the sound of reindeer landing on the roof. Santa looked at me quizzically. I wished Santa a Happy Christmas. I spent the next day buying my son and wife’s presents online.