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Rewilding Writing

Words by Joshua Cialis. Picture by Ruhi Cialis

Has anyone else noticed a blandness in current creative writing about nature and rural communities? There is no longer a sublime feeling within rural poetry. Instead, a lack in the wildness has arisen in our writing. Where once a river was ‘a strong brown god—sullen, untamed and intractable’ (Eliot, ‘The Dry Salvages’), it is now simply a tamed river. There are two potential reasons for this loss of wildness: the first being that we no longer experience the wild; we are confined by our jobs and lives so much that we do not leave our urban environments. We no longer get into nature; and the nature that we do get into is so sanitised by commercialisation that it no longer resembles the wilderness. It is instead a nature sullied by ice-cream vans and gift shops. Imagine it, you’re walking through a cliff top track, admiring the untamed water and all of a sudden an ice-cream van blocks your view of a sublime rock formation.

Imagine further you were writing a poem about this beautiful untamed environment and then it is suddenly tainted by a group of tourists with selfie sticks. Is this wildness or is it simply outdoors?
The only way that we can excite and energise our natural writing again is to get out there and explore those truly wild places. Not the stereotyped touristed sights but ones that aren’t explored. We can’t be restricted by paths and car parks as ‘the sublime is limitless’ (Kant). Instead delve into the freedom of our natural world with a notebook and pen, or find a little cove and swim wildly through waters taking everything in.
I recently went wild swimming in Lulworth Cove, this experience allows the writer to truly feel the wildness, the gently passing coolness of the water, the occasional tickle of seaweed, the dull sharpness of pebbles. These experiences allow ourselves to truly connect with our subject rather than just guessing what wildness might be like. So try it; choose somewhere out of your urbanised zone, somewhere other people tend not to go and just write the wildness you see. If you like what you’ve written send it into us; we’d love to see it!