You Can Grow Alone Too, Y’know?

We’re in a world where everybody’s connecting with everybody, and this has untold benefits for the future don’t get me wrong. But, if we’re just talking, we’re not (for the most part) listening, watching, reading, observing etc etc..

When we talk we grow: our language can expand, unexpected moments occur, being social is almost as important as the next meal. Yet, it doesn’t hurt to switch off once in a while. Grab a book, watch a movie, scribble, doodle, paint, turn on the radio, find new running paths, listen to a podcast at the same time, cook a new meal, it’s a list in abundance. Getting acquainted with culture in our own time not only develops us but when we get back to talking to our friends, family, strangers in a bar, they develop too, and will probably teach you a thing or two at the same time.

Nowadays it seems increasingly insulting to be introverted, to want have time to yourself. We’re all expected to connect, to know this guy or that girl, to have an x + 1 amount of followers, it’s a never ending quest to pull all the strings together. But sometimes it is necessary to be ‘selfish’ for yourself, not to care what others are doing, and get on with whatever it is that makes you tick.


A reminder once again that out magazine is on sale now, we’ve just made a second batch ready to be shipped out to yours truly. Who knows, maybe buying our magazine is the perfect opportunity to grab some alone time!


Repeal the 8th – A poem for Ireland

Words by Joshua Cialis, Picture by Olivia Harris

Today see’s a referendum in Ireland giving women the choice to choose what they do with their bodies. We stand with this act of democracy and choice.
This is a poem written this morning, by Joshua Cialis, after reading the tweets of people travelling home to vote. The poem demonstrates the hope that this vote presents. Solidarity with all of you!

Repeal the 8th – by Joshua Cialis

four boys carry the statue of their Mother Mary
from the shore line to the chapel
over sand and shingle
she was one of them once
one of their depleted flock
but now outcast into the sea
between England and Ireland
her shining Halo washed out

four boys carry their Mother Mary
from the shore line to the chapel
over sand and shingle
she was one of them once
one of their depleted flock
but now in her beauty and shining halo
she has a choice and a life
away from foreign shores

002 Hot Off the Press

It’s here, with us and you!

Foxtrot Uniform: 002 is hot off the press and ready to be shipped. If you haven’t ordered a copy yet get emailing us to get your copies before they run out!

There is some great poetry and art in the magazine from some great artist from around the world! The issue covers love, lust, politics, feminism, and Hope so get your copy to read all about it!!

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Foxtrot Uniform: 002

The magazine is at the printers and will be published and sent out on 17th May. Anyone who has pre-ordered a copy should receive their copy by the 19th.

If you would like to pre-order a copy the price is £2 and all you have to do is email us; we will then send you a secure link for payment. Postage is free for UK residents. However, overseas postage will have to be sent alongside the original price. seeing that we believe everyone should have the opportunity to access great writing, we have tried to keep the price down as much as possible for the sake of accessibility. Your £2 covers printing costs and postage.

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